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creative director + motion designer


¬ Welcome

I'm Javich, nice e-meeting you. I love motion design in all of its forms, from 2D all the way to complex 3D worlds. You can find out more about me, my dad jokes, and my amazing team of crazy creative artists below. Here is my Portfolio, hope you like it.

¬ This is how I flow

I was a lone wolf for a long time but now I have a very small pack of crazy artists, work warriors, with skills ranging from 2d illustration, motion design, 2D and 3D animation, and visual effects for tv and film.

I can work alone as a Motion Design 3D artist or with my team if the project needs it.

Let's talk!

¡Thanks, have a great day!

Motion Design

- 2D and 3D animation

- Fluids simulation

- Dynamics

- Visual Effects

- Pyro, particles, set extensions,

   match move, cloth simulation, lighting,

   rendering and compositing.

- Editorial - Color Grading

We know that we need the

best tools to handle any kind

of projects from our clients.

So we are more than ready to

receive and safely store large

amounts of data on our server.

We know security is a priority,

that's why we use redundancy

IronWolf®️ PRO NAS drives.

¬ The gallery
¬ Peace