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Hi there I'm

I’m an experienced, self-motivated, result-oriented, with a proven track record of working collaboratively with team members to achieve goals.
I also have a long time of experience as a single artist that can take a single project from start to finish.


A little bit of a story, go and grab a snack... 
Back then I studied Graphic Design and immediately started working for a teacher as a design assistant learning photoshop, whatever there was to learn in 1999. 
After that I worked for a year in a printing company, learning a lot about editorial design, brochures, posters, etc. I printed everything that could get printed lol. 

My passion for Graphic Design took me to a local Newspaper, where I learned CorelDraw, Freehand, and QuarkXpress, from there I moved to my first agency, where I did many projects for big companies like Subway and Hilton Garden Inn.

My curiosity for emerging technologies or different kinds of advertising took me to create animated presentations for companies, like a mini-site with animated texts and animated photos (motion Graphics) using compact discs (mini CDs) using Macromedia Flash. And here's where my journey in Motion Graphics began. I love learning and sharing what I know with others. 

That's what has made me work for studios all around the world as a freelance for over 20 years.

—Whole enchilada


Just place the cursor above any image.

—Let´s talk tools and other stuff

15+ years of experience  using:

- Adobe After Effects
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Premiere
- Adobe Illustrator
- Autodesk 3Ds MAX
   VRay | Arnold | Rayfire | TyFlow | RealFlow for MAX
- Phoenix FD


- DaVinci Resolve / Fusion
- PF Track
- Autodesk Flame user (2013-2014  / 20 anniversary)
   Lustre Color Grading artist those years

1 +1010


—The other stuff

- General cámera knowledge
   Sony FS | Arri | RED
- Knowledge of ACES CG Pipeline for post-production
- Video Editing
- Color Space Management
- Video Direction
- On-set VFX supervising

1 +1010


My old Flame / Lustre setup

—Video Gallery