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3 of the most beautiful CG ads of all time

When it comes to animated TV commercials, there are a few that stand out as my all-time favorites due to their stunning visuals and the technical artistry involved in creating them. Three that I absolutely love are Mercedes-Benz’s «Stronger Than Time» by Sehsucht, Coca-Cola’s «Happiness Factory» by Psyop, and Psyop’s work for Twinings Tea.

Mercedes-Benz – «Stronger Than Time» by Sehsucht

«Stronger Than Time» is a visually captivating commercial celebrating the enduring design and strength of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Sehsucht did an incredible job using Houdini to create the intricate VFX and 3D animation that brought the story to life. The campaign features a 1979 G-Class model encased in amber, symbolizing how its iconic design has been preserved over the years, much like DNA in amber. This concept was seamlessly executed with a mix of dynamic driving shots and detailed macro-level explorations of the amber, creating a breathtaking visual narrative that truly honors the G-Class’s legacy​ (CG Record)​​ (Motion design – STASH)​​ (AdStasher)​.

Coca-Cola – «Happiness Factory» by Psyop

Psyop’s «Happiness Factory» for Coca-Cola is another masterpiece. This commercial takes viewers on a whimsical journey inside a vending machine, revealing a magical world where tiny creatures work together to produce a bottle of Coke. The animation is vibrant and full of life, making it feel like a mini-animated film. Technically, Psyop combined traditional animation techniques with cutting-edge digital effects to create this enchanting world. The result is a seamless blend of fantasy and reality that perfectly captures the joy and magic associated with Coca-Cola​ (Motion design – STASH)​.

Twinings Tea by Psyop

The Twinings Tea commercial by Psyop is a beautiful and soothing piece that stands out for its artistic approach. The animation features a woman journeying through a tranquil, watercolor-inspired landscape, symbolizing the calming effect of drinking Twinings Tea. To achieve this organic and fluid look, Psyop used Autodesk Flame for compositing and incorporated hand-painted frames. This technique gave the animation a unique, handcrafted feel that distinguishes it from more traditional digital animations. The use of soft, flowing visuals perfectly complements the serene theme of the commercial, making it a standout in the world of animated advertising​ (CG Record)​​ (Motion design – STASH)​.

These commercials not only showcase the creativity and skill of the animation studios behind them but also demonstrate the power of animation to tell compelling stories and evoke strong emotional responses. Whether it’s the technical brilliance of Houdini in «Stronger Than Time,» the whimsical charm of «Happiness Factory,» or the artistic beauty of the Twinings Tea ad, these commercials are a testament to the incredible potential of animated advertising.


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